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 About Crystal...

Little Pine FN, Treaty No 6
Battle River Cree Nation

CRYSTAL December 4th 2022.jpg
Tansi!  I was born and raised in Saskatchewan and now make my home in Northern Ontario in beautiful Temagami.  I am an artist and pyrographer, photograher and a writer.  My activism revolves around issues important to Mother Earth and indigenous people.

I am Plains Cree, mother of four and Kokum (Grandmother) to two.  I am 52 years old and have over thirty years of sobriety.  I am a Sixties Scoop Warrior!

I am an Activist - Land Defender, Water Protector and Eco-Terrorist.  My current body of work revolves around combatting INDIGENOUS IDENTITY FRAUD.  The Pretendian Parade has gone unchecked, unanswered for too long.  It must stop because it harms indigenous people.


My social media platform comes from the 2018 CBC Podcast, "Finding Cleo" which follows my family's search for my oldest sister, Cleo Nicotine Semaganis.  After the release of the podcast, Crystal changed back to her birth name above.  Crystal is the Christine Cameron from Finding Cleo, you can listen to the podcast HERE.

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