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PDAC 2023

Tulugarjuaq and I had a great time in Toronto from March 5th to the 8th at PDAC, as part of the Indigenous Artist Showcase. We were chosen along with other notable artists from across Ontario. We featured beadwork by Keith Stonechild, earrings by my daughter Callie Bear (Odemin's Creeations) of the Temagami First Nation (Bear Island), and pyrography and moosehide mitts by my youngest son, Tulugarjuaq Peter of the Temagami First Nation and Inuk community of Iqaluit and Apex, Nunavut.

The highlight was meeting indigenous people from beyond Turtle Island, and having special discussions with women from Papa New Guinea, South America (Brazil) and many other countries. It was enlightening and beautiful to share stories of spirituality and indigenous resonance. We also got to share our culture, our art, the beauty of our Plains Cree, Ojibway and Inuk heritage.

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