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POEM "My Sacred Heart" by Crystal Semaganis

Never toy with my Sacred Heart

It holds it's own and carries hurts back

To fidget with and examine from every angle

While I am supposed to be sleeping,

Dreaming of my People

Never lie to my Sacred Heart

For it remembers with amazing clarity

Every word you have ever spoken, including

The half truths and omitted facts while

Convincing myself you'll stop

Never be mean to my Sacred Heart

For it is nothing but Kindness, even

When harsh words and belittlement fly Bouncing off everything but That smol Sacred Heart

My Sacred Heart is for my People

Not for practise, not for entertainment

When you feel yourself lonesome and dry

Yes, I am an immortal fountain of Love

But I know who YOU are

So come to me


If you are as Sacred as what beats in my chest.

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